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As a way to show appreciation to our customers, we offer points that go towards advancing your membership level. Upon reaching each level, you will be awarded with a special prize. To obtain points, either purchase an item, or refer a new member who will earn a point for both parties involved when the referrer purchases something. Keep in mind that once a member uses another for the referral, that member can not be used again.


3 points - Jade Star

- Free vinyl toy (When Available)

5 points - Cobalt Star

- Free Deck of Cards (When Available)

10 points - Crimson Star

- One Free T-Shirt

20 points - Gold Star

- One Free Black Label T-Shirt (When Available)

35 points - Platinum Star

- One Free Hoodie (When Available)

50 points - Black Star

- $100 Store Credit

100 points - Gold Diamond

- Your own design addedto the Black Label line with only 21 editions made.

You will get number 1/21, and we can work with you to design the artwork if you like .

180 points - Double Black Diamond

- Custom One off t-shirt that is not sold in stores. You will get edition 1/1.

Either you can submit a design or we can work with you in creating the artwork.