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sneak peek


sneak peek of a new design in our new lineup

Flyer Campagin


We are running a flyer campaign, please see Message Board for more info and let us know what you think.

Sale Sale Sale


We are getting ready for our next lineup so we are running some sales to help clear out inventory for new arrivals!

Karmaloop Kazbah!


We are now featured on Karmaloop Kazbah. For those of you that do not know, Kazbah is a sub section of Karmaloop that hosts smaller and more indie brands. The orders are placed through Kazbah but are filled by the companies themselves. Its an interesting concept and we hope to see some extra exposure as well as sales from participating.

Check it out here:

Shit you have never seen before


In the next few blog installments, we will be showing you some random crap we have laying around that you most likely have never seen before because they are super rare or totally custom one offs. What we have here today is a custom made ceramic dunny. This is a dunny made from a porcelain mold with a high fire glaze and a stylish stripe across its body.

The actual piece is hollow and is made from a 2 piece mold. This was hand made and you will not see anything like this anywhere else. Its actually a bright white in person, the pictures are slightly distorting the color. Hope you guys enjoy.

... and no, its not for sale
Ceramic Dunny #3
Ceramic Dunny #3
Ceramic Dunny #3
Ceramic Dunny #3
Ceramic Dunny #3
Ceramic Dunny #3

T-shirt Review at


Terrific review of our white coma shirt by Thomas at
The review is in German so google translate might be your friend.

Check out the review here:

Blog Entry at


We got a t-shirt review on big t-shirt blog Check it out here:

They did an awesome job with a thorough and well thought out review. Thanks so much guys!

RAW Junction show at Sutra


So we were approached to do a fashion runway show for an art opening for Raw Artists ( The show took place at Sutra night club and was a terrific success. We had models wearing our shirts and they did a little runway walk throughout the club. All of them looked stunning and totally rocked the show.

Finally All UP!


So after working on this site day in and out it looks like everything is pretty much finally finished. All the security features are in place and merchant processing has gone live. Orders can now be placed! check back often for more updates and junk.