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  • Cakestar traces its humble beginnings back to C, a lonely slice of cake who was haphazardly discarded at Don King's wedding when the cleaning crew came in.
  • After a brief stint at a diner, C found himself in the hands of Ramón, a local law clerk from the wrong side of town.
  • Despite initial tension between the two, C and his new partner toured the countryside performing as a two man quartet.
  • Turning down a lucrative contract as the lead bassist of Rush, C moved on to bigger and better things. He found friends that shared his ideas in a New Hampshire cupcake store.
  • What started out as just a few rogue pastries banding together in search of their destiny has turned into one of the largest groups of sweets the world has ever seen. Cakestar is the embodiment of the anguish and toil C and the others had to go through in order to get to where they are today, on the top of an apparel empire.
  • Trying to offer fresh and never stale designs, Cakestar seeks to slowly take control of the world, one tee at a time. Join us and help C in an attempt to corner the fashion industry and save millions of uneaten slices of cake that others merely toss aside.